A New Member on Team Spotted in Ely

TaliI am very proud to announce to all the Spotted in Ely fans that Tali Iserles has agreed to join us on a part time basis as a journalist.
Tali has been a keen follower of ours since we first started and has even worked on projects with us in the past such as the Random Acts of Kindness project.
Please make her feel welcome as over the next couple of weeks she gets used to how we work and do things and like us already working on the project, leads a very busy life running her jewellery making business, Tallulah does the Hula.
The Ely mother of two says: “I’ve worked as a journalist, both in Britain and in New Zealand, so I’m really excited to be reporting about Ely – a place I feel very passionate about. I’d love to hear and share your news, so do get in touch!” Tali is part time but please feel free to send stories to her at tali@spottedinely.com.
As always we love to get prewritten releases so the best person to tell a story is the person closest to the story.

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