New Police Initiative Launched to offer Support and Advice about Healthy Living to Youth

sue1Local Police Crime Reduction Officer, Sue Loaker, will be launching a new initiative in May 2016 which is titled ‘Sue’s Essentials’.
‘Sue’s Essentials’ is a project that is being launched to protect the dignity and comfort of young ladies and men in East Cambs.
We recognise that (unfortunately) there are some people that are struggling to get regular access to toiletries, sanitary items, and underwear. Items that very often, most of us take for granted.

A lack of access to the most basic of items not only causes discomfort, but can also lead to embarrassment and bullying. This can cause low self-esteem and in the worst cases we have seen young people resorting to crime in order to try and get hold of these items.
She have been supported by funding from the East Cambs Community Safety Partnership, and with the energy and good will of other community partners. Sue Loaker has established the ‘Sue’s Essentials Project’.
The project will put together and distribute care packages, toiletries and underwear to young people that are in need. We also aim to offer support and advice about healthy living and personal care.
The packages will be distributed by schools, GP’s Surgeries and will be made available from the foodbank and other easy to access community organisations. This is offered as a discreet service.’
Today Chief Inspector Donna Wass (District Commander), and Crime Reduction Officer Sue Loaker attended Waitrose supermarket in Ely.
Waitrose are supporting ‘Sue’s Essentials’ with the generous provision of a coin bin in their community donation point.
Waitrose and the John Lewis Partnership have given over £14 million to good causes, and the Waitrose Supermarket in Ely donates £1000 every month to local initiatives.
You can support Sue’s Essentials by placing a green coin in the Sue’s Essentials bin when you are shopping in Waitrose.
District Commander Wass has said:
‘We know that when times are hard financially, poverty can push people towards criminal behaviours in extreme cases. We want to do everything that we can to avoid criminalising people – particularly young people – in hardship, and this initiative from Sue is part of a compassionate response to that.’
This project will be officially launched in May, if you have any new and sealed items you would like to donate please drop into Ely Police Station or contact Sue Loaker through social media or on Tel: 01353 656641.
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