The next generation of leaders at Ely Tennis Club

This week 3 young tennis players received their LTA “Tennis Leader” qualification thanks to the training received at 10is Academy.
The Academy is looking after the future of its young players. This means starting to give them knowledge and experience, not to mention an entire section of leadership. While there is still time to get younger generations up to speed on leadership tasks, that training is not something that 10is Academy considers as an afterthought.
10is Director Sebastien Scaux says: “The Academy always tries to identify potential leaders, then allow them to make decisions about important tasks, all while mentoring them through the headaches and challenges that experienced coaches have been through.”
We know that all of our young players leave the academy to go to University at some point: all we can do is, from a young age, teach them some good values such as respect, hard work and leadership and hope it will help them reach their dreams.”
“Leadership creates a sense of community within the academy, and hopefully is a guiding force that will stay with future generations of leaders.”
“Inspiring leadership starts with small gestures—acknowledging hard work at all levels, being mindful of the time and effort that people put in, getting to know your players personally, and staying composed when in high pressure situations – just like when playing tennis.”
“Unlike playing tennis, leadership is not about command and control. Leadership requires to empower and embrace everyone across the academy. When I come to work every day, I strive to lead my team by bringing the best of myself to the table and inspiring them to succeed as we follow the same path to the finish line.”
The 3 new “Tennis Leaders” Vlad Kullish, Alisa Chirgadze, Julian Brooks

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