"NO PARKING" on single yellow lines, kids remind Millfield parents

Their message is loud and clear: youngsters, parents and teachers at Millfield Primary School in Littleport are fed up with people parking illegally during pick up and drop off.
PCSO Annie Austin visited the school last week, responding to concerns about poor parking.
She arranged for students to produce a series of letters spelling out “NO PARKING”, which will be digitally placed onto a banner to be displayed by the school on Grange Lane, Littleport.
This initiative is in support of existing single yellow lines which prohibit parking at specific times, including on the footpath and the verge immediately adjacent to the lines.
PCSO Austin said: ” These children displayed their artwork as a pre-warning to parents that it is dangerous as well as illegal to park at these locations during the school run and it is my hope that the banner will serve as a permanent reminder that the safety of children is paramount.”
The school supports the scheme and will be distributing details to parents in the next school newsletter and on their website.

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