No Speeders is great news but mobile users beware

Ticket for mobile userIn response to concerns from local residents we conducted speed monitoring in Kings Avenue in Ely this morning.
Over 150 vehicles were checked and there were no speeders seen which is great news.
But continued vigilance around drivers using mobile phones – this one from Angel Drove, Ely yesterday.
PC Gerry Cronin: ‘I see it very similar to drink driving actually. If you’re not paying attention to road, and the control of your vehicle, the consequences can be exactly the same’.
A Traffic Offence Report (TOR) has been submitted and the driver will be notified by post with the proposed consequences, which can include three points and a £100 fine.
Any driver carrying nine points on their licence could face a period of disqualification from driving.
Our advice is not to take a call behind the wheel – pull over it’s far safer. Alternatively, the only way to stay the correct side of the law is to invest in a handsfree kit which can cost as little as £30.

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