No Spoilers…. But there is a long road ahead!

This July Ollie, Charlotte, Charlie and Euan of “No Spoilers” will embark on the Mongol Rally 2019, covering 10,000 Miles from the UK to Ulan Ude in eastern Russia via Mongolia in a small, 1.2 litre VW Polo.

This will involve crossing Europe, through Turkey to the Caspian Sea and then into the ‘stans and finally, Mongolia and Russia. As they traverse two of the world’s continents, they will visit over 30 countries, encounter tricky border crossings, three mountain ranges, two of the world’s most dangerous roads and two deserts.

They are doing this to raise money for three charities.

Cool Earth – The designated charity of the rally with endeavours to halt deforestation across the globe.

Help for Heroes – With Ollie pursuing a career in the military the team wanted to support those who served in the Armed Forces.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – Charlotte’s mother requires the use of a hearing dog, so the team wanted to give something back to a charity that has done so much for the family.

Ollie, Charlie and Euan all attended Kings Ely and have lived in the area their whole lives before Ollie and Euan moved off to university 4 years ago and with that chapter of their lives nearly completed, they were looking for the next adventure before job hunting and the real world catches up with them and the Mongol Rally presented itself.

Charlotte and Ollie met at university and after both sharing a keenness for travel the early plans were set in place, they got in touch with Euan and Charlie and agreed to have a chat about the whole thing.

With the chance to visit more countries and cultures than they could get their heads around and the ability to raise money for charity the adventure was perfect for them and so, after the first team meeting in December in Ely with Charlotte on Skype, No Spoilers was born!

Over the past few months they have been looking around for team sponsors to help them on their way, the team are looking for equipment, experience, parts and funds to help them reach the finish line in Ulan Ude and raise as much money as possible for charity!

They are still on the hunt for local individuals or businesses that would be willing to help then you can get in touch via their e-mail address or social media below.

Most recently the team have just purchased their car that will hopefully be tough enough to take them the distance. A 1.2 litre VW Polo with 4 doors (only 3 of them open though) and a long journey ahead!

Check out the team’s website:

And their social media links below, give them a follow and a like to show your support and please give what you can to their charity giving page:

If you are interested in sponsoring the team then please get in touch with them via their E-mail address.


Press release from No Spoilers

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