Operators fear coaches will just not come Ely

Newbury has closed its public toilets and now the drivers are boycotting the town.

Coaches are now heading to another town further on which means Newbury loses 800 tourists who stay for dinner/lunch and buy from local shops and operators fear the same may happen here.
So we know Barton Road loos are to stay open but if the coach park closes in favour of the new one out of town near Sainsbury’s will coaches stop coming?
A local coach operator says “The consensus from operators is the current site is easy for passengers to walk to talk because it’s nice and flat with amenities close to hand
“The new proposed site would not be a great choice due to a substantial hill to climb for the elderly and maybe difficult for coach to turn round.”
We don’t know the numbers who stop here but when we’ve been passed there on occasions the park has been full.
So could this new proposed site hurt tourism?

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