Part 4 – Rock of Ages Access All Areas: The Producer

I’m Amy and I run a musical production company with my friend Becky, called Ruby Red. We’re producing Rock of Ages at the Maltings in Ely this July. This is our blog. We’re giving you an Access All Areas pass to look behind the curtain of Ruby Red and really see how we do things. Every week from now until Rock of Ages we’ll give you a little insight into what we’ve been doing and each time we’ll focus around a particular topic. Follow us on Facebook or buy show tickets here.
As producer I’m busy. Actually that’s a lie. As Amy I’m busy. Always SO busy. Being producer just makes me a whole heap busier. My day job is intense, especially at the moment. Throw in a large scale musical production and life is …manic. That’s why I’m over a week late in posting this blog. Oops.
Producer. In truth Becky and I share this title. There isn’t an am dram director I’ve met who hasn’t also been some-part producer, in the creative version of the role. A non-creative producer is in charge of managing the business side of the production. I/we take responsibility for making arrangements for every aspect of the production in order to prepare it for presentation to the public on stage. We also subsequently managing it during the course of its production run and finally as producers we make all necessary closure arrangements too. Sounds kinda boring, but someone’s got to do it, and I’d much prefer to know the fine-grained details of exactly what’s going on underneath all of the creative gubbins. I love the creative gubbins too, of course J
So far for this production I’ve sorted the budget, any financials, booking the venue, finalizing the license, organising scripts, insurance, membership, outside sponsorship,  and (with Becky) have also covered choice of show, casting, set, costumes, assembly of the production team and there are many more things still to come, much of which will ramp up nearer to the performances. I guess it’s a little like running a business.

In addition I get to spend extra time with my very talented friends (the cast & production team), some of whom I’ve known for a long time and others who I don’t know as well just yet, but who I know will become good friends. With every show you build a bond with the team. You share a fantastic experience which is indescribable, working very closely and intensely over a number of months until finally you get to show week. As much as we have fun in rehearsals, show week is where you see everyone straighten up, pull together and really concentrate in order to support each other and nail the finer details. As producer that’s great to see. Everything you’ve worked towards, the months of planning, months of rehearsals, the blood, the sweat, the worry, the excitement, all culminates in this intense week of incredible hard work, concentration, and *fun*. After all, we do it for the love of it, right?
Anyway I’m getting gushy. Next time (which will hopefully be in a week and no more!) I’ll be telling you all about Mark A. J. Checkley. He’s the Musical Director, and quite a character!
Follow us on Facebook or buy show tickets here.

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