Platinum Properties Hosts Reverse Advent

This is the third year of Reverse Advent for Platinum Properties in order to do something positive within the local community.

Each year for the month of December we ask our customers to drop in one item for the local Foodbank, meaning that by the time Christmas arrives we have at least 25 items to donate (although we hope to have considerably more as we have in the past years).

Supporting Platinum Properties in supplying food to be included in their Reverse Advent goes some way to meeting the challenges faced by the foodbank in providing a minimum of three days’ nutritionally-balanced emergency food to people who have been referred in crisis, as well as support to help people resolve the crises they face. 

Christmas can be a difficult time for those in need and Reverse Advent is a great way for everyone to get involved in a worthwhile event and make a huge difference for just a couple of pounds to those who wish to partake in the Christmas spirit of giving!

As part of their Reverse Advent Platinum Properties are asking the general public to make donations of non-perishable food items.

As a nation we don’t expect anyone to be left hungry or destitute, but the truth is that illness, disability, family breakdown or the loss of a job can happen to any of us and leave us in a situation we least expected desperately trying to make ends meet.

The Food Bank doesn’t just supply food, but helps people break free from poverty by providing additional support to help people resolve the crises that they face. Food banks rely on the support of local communities to help end hunger.

Press release from Platinum Properties

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