Plogging in Ely

Some Ely Trail Runners have started plogging in and around the City and it’s trails.

Plogging combines jogging and litter picking, and it’s surprisingly hard work given there is sadly no shortage of litter, it involves the odd run, bending, reaching down into ditches and carrying a bin liner with you! Unfortunately, litter is a real problem on the trails and road sides in and around Ely.

A while back Ely Runner and keen trail and ultra runner, Kyle Armstrong started leading a small group in exploring the trails in the City and on its outskirts. Kyle’s fellow Ely Runner, Shaun Rhodes has taken the initiative of incorporating a plogging session into one of the Ely Trail Running sessions.

The first plogging effort has taken place and a lot of litter was picked around Chettisham and on the edges of Little Downham: Shaun will be recycling it all soon.

Watch this space, as plogging is likely to become a regular Ely Trail Runners activity.

From Justin Smith, Ely Runners

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