Residents to Benefit from Extension of Advice and Support Service

From April 2020, residents will have access to a full and extended range of advice services every weekday.

East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) recently undertook a review to establish whether continuing a funding grant to Citizens Advice Rural Cambridgeshire (CARC) was meeting its aims to deliver an “excellent service that meets the needs of an evolving community”.

The review identified that many services were already provided by the council.

At yesterday’s (January 20th) ECDC Operational Services Committee, it was decided to withdraw the funding from Citizens Advice and instead directly deliver the service.

This will result in the creation of four adviser jobs within ECDC’s housing team which has been made possible via the council’s ability to secure £627,000 funding from central government as well as the saving of £47,000 from the grant.

Councillor David Ambrose Smith, chairman of the Operational Services Committee, said: “The council already has a proven track record for the delivery of prevention and support services to those in need across the district.

“By taking the decision to withdraw funding, which is decided on an annual basis, direct delivery of those services will enable the council to act as a one-stop-shop for residents.

“The council’s decision to directly deliver these services will provide residents with greater access to support and advice face-to-face.”

Residents will be able to get advice in person during the council’s opening hours from 8.45am-5pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45-4.30pm on Fridays – an increase from the current provision by CARC of 9.15am-12pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Councillor Ambrose Smith added: “Our work with the Youth Strategy, Vulnerable Community Strategy, Think Communities and Community Hubs places the council in a strong position to plan, prevent and react to the evolving needs of the East Cambridgeshire community.”

Press release from East Cambridgeshire District Council

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