Rock Vox Carol Singing for Addenbrookes in Ely

On Saturday, local choir Rock Vox sang Christmas Carols outside Waitrose and raised a marvellous £208.82 for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust.

Rock Vox Choir from Ely are fundraising for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust at our Christmas events including carol singing in Ely and hosting our own Christmas concert in Isleham.

Clare Vox from the group told us, we were inspired to do this after a traumatic event happened to Jenny, one of our lovely members. Jenny’s husband Pete had a Cardiac Arrest at home in July. Sam (Jenny & Pete’s son) did CRP for 10 minutes while they waited for an ambulance, but after they arrived he had several further arrests before they were able to stabilise him enough to transport him to Addenbrookes. They have discovered that he had a pulmonary embolism which had now broken down into multiple clots throughout his lungs. He made it to Addenbrookes and spent a considerable amount of time cooled in an induced coma. He is now home and recovering slowly.

Raising money for Addenbrookes is close to the heart of many of our choir members including one member who’s son suffers from Alports syndrome has just come home after a kidney transplant, a member who is currently in remission from cancer who attended both Rock Vox Choir and Addenbrookes throughout her treatment, many traumatic births and one member currently being undergoing treatment.

Two of our members Norman (father of Luke who is recovering from kidney transplant mentioned above) & Tim will be taking on an additional challenge of buying and riding small-engined motorbikes/scooters around predetermined coastal towns in England & Wales over 5 days/nights, setting off on Sunday, 19th May 2019, spelling out the word “ALPORTS” by visiting a port or coastal town beginning with each letter.

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