Russian doll rock boards train to Kings Cross to make her fortune

Russian doll rock boards train to Kings Cross to make her fortune

A rolling stone may gather no moss – but a Russian matryoshka doll created in Ely has travelled to London to make her fortune.

The doll, one of a pair of twins painted on rocks by Ely College teacher Fleur Patten, was hidden at Ely Station on Friday morning.

Greater Anglia train dispatcher Jessika Ransome told Spotted in Ely that station staff had found the rock on platform 1 and taken a selfie with the Russian doll, posting it on the national Love on the Rocks Facebook page, before hiding her on platforms two and three.
“It was so much fun. I wish we could find more.”
Later that day James Parr posted a picture of the same matryoshka on the train to King’s Cross!
Fleur said: “I was at the station and I thought it would be a good place to drop a rock. I wasn’t really thinking about where it would go, I just thought it would bring some joy to a commuter.
“It was heart warming to see that the station staff had spotted the matryoshka doll and gone to the trouble of posting it on the Love on the Rocks Facebook page… I hope she finds her fortune!”

The twin matryoshka, hidden at St Mary’s Surgery on the same morning, has also been found.
“I hope that she brought a smile to someone too. But anyone can bring joy with a dropped rock. Really all that is needed is a felt tip pen smile to make someone’s day.”
Rock dropping is the latest craze to sweep the nation.
The Spotted in Ely Rocks Facebook group, launched today, has created an avalanche of fans already.

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