Schools in the Ely area take part in the Young Voices 2017 concert at the O2 in London

Schools in the Ely area take part in the Young Voices 2017 concert at the O2 in London

The 16th January saw several schools in the Ely area take part in the Young Voices 2017 concert at the O2 in London.

My own daughter was amongst those representing The Lantern School. St Mary’s and the Rackham School in Witchford also took part.
Young Voices brings together school children from across the country to create one of the worlds biggest choirs. Some incredible teachers volunteered themselves and have been rehearsing with the children for several months.
On the night, all the children that had been rehearsing within their own groups, joined together to form a choir of over 7000 voices. The event itself was an incredible experience. It was amazing for the children to be part of something so special. Incredible also for the parents and families watching.
The children all left their schools at around 9am to travel by coach to the venue. They then spent the day rehearsing before the live performance. The O2 was full to capacity and we got to sit and watch as 7139 children (to be exact) sang their hearts out to us.
They performed a number of songs during the 90 minute show.
One particular song that stays in my mind is Adele’s ‘Hello’. It was one of those moments that makes the hairs on your arms stand on end. Magical. The children performed lots of amazing songs, some with dance moves and actions. They also got to back a number of performers during the gig including The Beatbox Collective, and singers Tabby Callaghan and Natalie Williams.
Each child got to wear a Young Voices t-shirt and hold a torch. At certain points during the performance the stage lights dimmed and 7000 little torch lights flickered and waved at us. It was a night to treasure and an experience that I hope the children always remember and value. They all looked like they were having the best time ever. I know we parents were and were watching on with pride.
The coaches all arrived back around midnight. Children bleary-eyed and very deserving of sleep after their magical day.
Story by Kate Holmes

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