Social Enterprises in Ely ask for your help

The K9 Community Café is an Ely-based charitable community group that’s at risk of being lost after the covid-19 outbreak closed its regular venue, the Cathedral Conference Centre. 

This social project had been building an inclusive community of local dog-lovers at the Centre since 2012. However, without finding a new venue to host the weekly gatherings, the project is facing a cold winter and an uncertain future.

Chris Kent, founder of the charity, described it as feeling “…like the end of an era. Covid has made us realise that we cannot take anything for granted, and maybe the time for the Café is over, but we hope not.” 

When lockdown and the weather has allowed, the group have been meeting temporarily outside Prospects Trust “Unwrapped”, another charitable social enterprise based in Ely that runs an ethical farm shop and café from their premises on Lynn Road. 

Despite the warm welcome received there, use of Unwrapped’s outdoor space will be limited over winter. At least until they can complete their crowdfunded “Canopy of Care” project, which will help people to keep socialising safely in all weathers. (

With many other businesses and charities forced to move their operations online because of the covid restrictions, the K9 Café has largely been left behind. 

Contact with the ‘canines’ at the heart of this special café is the key to many of the social and health benefits that the project promotes, for both dogs and people.  

If you have a covid-compliant indoor or covered venue that you’d like to host the weekly K9 Community Café, please get in touch! You can connect with us on Facebook at

Press release from The K9 Community Cafe

Members of the K9 Community Cafe in Ely
Members of the K9 Community Cafe in Ely
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