Soham Leading the way in Recycling

Following on from the recycling story we put out last week, ‘East Cambs Follows in Walkers Footsteps to Deliver New Recycling Scheme’ We got in touch with Kathy Murray in Soham who is already making it easier for locals to recycle.

Kathy told us:

“I have been a member of Terracycle since November 2018, initially signing up to be a public drop off point for crisp packets. That has now grown to include cracker/biscuit wrappers, Aqua Pura water filters, Ellas food pouches (plus other makes) and just recently to include toothbrushes and toothpastes.  I am on a waiting list to be able to collect Pens and Pet food packets.

The three Primary schools in Soham have just recently started working together, sharing knowledge on how best to collect and package these ‘hard-to-recycle’ items. With all three schools being involved in this initiative I am sure the amount of landfill from Soham will be significantly reduced.

I have three collection points in Soham that I have set up. A collection box is at St Andrew’s Primary school reception, Jak Hibs along the High street in Soham, and my house.

While the main aim of my recycling is to reduce waste and increase awareness of this recycling initiative, it is also making money for St Andrew’s PTA – a registered charity.

This is great news for people in Soham wishing to reduce their contributions to landfill sites.

If you know anyone else who’s doing great things towards recycling and making a difference, please get in touch via email:

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