Soopa Doopa Spartans

Soopa Doopa Spartans

Following the pairs participation in the Obstacle Race “Nuclear Rush” to raise awareness for Action of Addiction, Soopa Doopas’ Jake Scott-Paul and mate Matt Lucas were at it again, this time taking on the “Super” Spartan Race, which involved 10 miles and 28 plus obstacles.

Jake has been taking part in these events to help raise awareness around addiction and to show that recovery from substance abuse is possible.

The Spartan “Super” is one third of the illustrious “Trifetica” challenge put on by Spartan Race and is physically and mentally very challenging.
Set in the beautiful grounds of Marston Lodge, Market Harborough on one of the hottest days of the year, Jake described it as one of the hardest things he has done, both physically and mentally. All the obstacles involved lifting body weight, carrying various objects up and down steep inclines, mud swims, fire jumps and of course, 10 miles of running in 30 degree heat in and around the challenging terrain.
Not set on pushing his body through that on the Saturday, Jake ended up returning the next day to complete the “Sprint” part of the trifecta, which is a shorter 4 miles, with similar obstacles.
The third and final “Beast” race, which is 15 plus miles is set to take place in Windsor in October, and with two out of the three complete, Jake has said he has to go back and complete the set.
Jake said he was physically exhausted by the end of day 2 but mentally firing on all cylinders. “Its great to show people suffering in active addiction that you can turn you life around and be free from the hell that it brings”
Now…onto the beast….”
For any suffering with addiction:

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