Splash Pad for Ely Needs You!

The Splash Pad for Ely campaign needs volunteers to be part of a Splash Pad Committee.  

For the past year Bryony, Tracy, Ellie and Angela have been the driving force behind getting the scheme to this critical point. 

We have met with numerous organisations and local Councillors, gained 2,000 signatures and gathered the required information and statistics needed to get the scheme to this stage but now we need your help.

In order for the Splash Pad project to be taken forward, and hopefully become a reality for Ely in 2021/22 we need to set up a Committee.  This will enable us to apply for the £200,000 of funding required to build the Splash Pad it also means that we can be taken more seriously by both the local Councils.

If you are interested or would like more information please contact angela@vcaec.org.uk.

Press release from A Splash Pad for Ely

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