Spotted in Ely Carnival 2015

Ely Carnival 2015Many of you may remember a couple of weeks we asked the question, would anyone support re-inventing the Ely Carnival for 2015?
Well we got so many yes’s and not one single no, that we decided to make some enquiries.
Firstly, I spoke to a couple of councillors who agreed in principle that they would support they idea and then secondly spoke to the person at East Cambs District Council who say’s what is needed to be done to get such a project off the ground. And WOW are there some things to cover.
With all that said, I am going to try my very best to get a Carnival for Ely in 2015 and the potential date is Sunday, July 19th. Its the weekend before schools summer holidays.
All in, just to have the event ready to roll I am going to need to raise around £7,500. May not need it all but to ensure that no issues arise that is the amount recommended to have on standby.
If anyone can help, know’s anyone who can help or even wants to volunteer to get this project of the ground then please do get in touch.
This event is no way set in stone, but I have started the ball rolling.
We aim to have other activities also on the day to make it a full family fun day out.
Any money raised will go to local charities who will bid for any profit made from the day.

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