St Andrews PTA Fundraising with Virtual Balloon Race

It’s up, up and away for St Andrew’s supporters on Friday the 3rd of July! Normally the summer term is a busy one for the PTA with ice cream sales, disco, and of course the Summer Fair.

Obviously, this year is a little bit different however with a little thinking outside the box, we need something to lift our spirits, we are excited to announce that our latest PTA adventure is a Virtual Balloon Race.

Everything is real except the balloons!
You can decorate your balloon(s) and can alter its properties in order to try and give yourself the best advantage. Real local weather stations will be used to check the conditions.

There are other causes taking part in the race and there are prizes for…

1st place (£500)
2nd place (Apple iPad)
and ten runners up will win a £10 book token each.

Launch is from one of the most famous schools in the WORLD, Hogwarts!

View the live launch and watch your balloon fly into the sky. The race is 7 days long and you can track your own balloon 24/7 to see how well you are doing.

Balloons can pop, in the same way as real ones do, so be careful how you decorate your balloon or change its properties and keep an eye on the weather forecast.

You can help us by purchasing as many balloons as you like at a cost of £3 each.

The race is open to everyone … please share everywhere you can.

Thank you for your ongoing support.
Good luck!

Link to Virtual Balloon Race website:

Press release from St Andrews Primary School, Soham

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