Stamp out bullying at WVC

All of the students from Witchford Village College have joined the college’s ‘Stamp out bullying’ campaign. As part of their introduction to the new academic year, students have signed a footprint indicating that they will not engage in or turn a blind eye to bullying, to make the College a bully free community.

The college have also launched their new ‘sharp system’. An online tool allowing students and parents to report any bullying that they may be victims of, or that they have been witness to.

Mr Mappledoram, Assistant Principal at the college said “Our college community is a strong and supportive one, but we must also ensure that when a student breeches our expectations and chooses to bully others, we address it quickly and appropriately. Our new reporting system, as well as our new campaign allows us to do this.”

Press release from Witchford Village College 

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