Struggling to park in Ely? – Sainsbury are hoping to help

Sainsbury Ely has extended its parking restriction from 2 hours to 3 hours in a bid to help Ely’s parking issues.

With 350 spaces plus 25 disabled, 15 parent and child spaces along with the 4 electric car charge points the store on Lisle Lane is one of the biggest parking areas in the region.
Sainsbury Car ParkRecent parking publicity has prompted store manager Simon Cross to take action and help try to relieve some of the issues that arise on weekly basis.
Mr Cross said “We know our Customers like to visit our Cafe or take a walk into the Centre or the Waterfront and we felt 2hrs was just too short to do this. From the 14th December, it will be 3 hours stay as opposed to 2hrs. Hopefully, in some small way, this will help make our customers trips that little bit less rushed.
“This is not just a festive offering, the longer stay parking will remain into 2017 and the future”
Most of the parking at Sainsbury is underground and with the recent addition of a self-service, self-pay petrol station the additional time allowed may entice visitors to Ely centre park out of the city and walk in as well alleviate some of the congestion that often takes place around the Brays Lane area.
Sainsbury Car Park 2Horizon Parking will still monitor the site but are now instructed to allow the additional hour of stay.

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