Success for Witchford Archers

On Saturday the 17th of March five members of Witchford Archers competed in the 12th annual Portsmouth tournament hosted by the Fenland Archery Club with the club secretary, Dr Derek Matthews winning a Gold medal.

Pictured are (from left to right) Nick Oakland (scoring 564 with a compound bow), Derek Matthews (scoring 561 with a recurve bow), Chris Motley (scoring 542 with a recurve bow), Alan White (scoring 463 with a recurve bow) and Dominic Myers (scoring 517 with a recurve bow (a personal best)).
“Entering competitions brings a whole new perspective to the sport of Archery, it helps you understand the etiquette of the sport and everyone should try it at least once”, said Derek after the competition. While Witchford Archers are keen for members to enter tournaments, they also encourage people of a less competitive nature to engage in the sport by holding regular, twice weekly, sessions.
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