Supergran at 80 years young will take a dive against dementia

Grandmother Margaret Missin will on June 8th, jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft to raise money for research against Dementia.
This Supergran will be jumping on her 80th Birthday. 
Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or a series of strokes.
Margaret has had to help her husband Brian live day by day for the past 5 years with vascular dementia which is often caused by impaired supply of blood to the brain often after a series of mini strokes.
Margaret from Little Downham will be joined by her grandaughter Sophie Adams, also from Little Downham.
Anyone can show their support by helping raise over £5,000 through their JustGiving page set up by granddaughter Catherine. She writes:

My nan and sister are doing a parachute jump on my nan’s 80th birthday on 8th June. Dementia is a horrifying disease that not only effects those suffering but, as I’ve seen first hand, can cripple those left behind….some of the money we raise will go towards helping those who are “left behind” as many of them are elderly people who may have no one else to help or turn too. My nan is desperate to help because she wants to stop others suffering in the same way she and our family have.

Find out more or give generously at
North London Skydiving Centre will be assisting in the jump which will take place over Block Fen.

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