Tennis in Ely: The sleeping giant is awake!

Alisa and Julian are congratulated for their season dedication and results.
This week, among a dozen of players, Alisa and Julian received their “10is Academy Player of the year” prize.
“Alisa and Julian had a tough year,” 10is Director Sebastien Scaux said. “We knew they would have a challenging season but we also knew that both of them had the ability to finish the season in a stronger position. We can always depend on Alisa and Julian because they can do their job.”
Both Julian and Alisa were number 1 of their respective AEGON team.
Julian played a handful of tournaments during the season and recorded victories over better ranked players. Alisa did not lose a single match against lower ranked players.
“She has this quietness about her yet people just know that she has a calm leadership,” Sebastien Scaux said. “She’s humble and just carries herself with such grace, so it’s really nice to see.”
Alisa and Julian are also going forward in the “Road to Wimbledon” competition so the best is yet to come.
Tennis will be the focus this summer as both players will join the Summer Tennis Camp at King’s. The camps are open to all players (members or not, beginners to advance). Camps offer high energy day of tennis and co-ordination development.
On the same day, 10 “10is Academy” players received their ticket to Wimbledon. All players will travel together for what should be a very memorable day.
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