The 100 day commitment to East Cambridgeshire

The Leaderships at East Cambridgeshire District Council have this evening (Thursday 28 May) outlined their plans to continue to make the district a better place to live and work.
The 100 Day commitment focuses on progressing six areas to benefit and improve the conditions for residents and businesses in East Cambridgeshire – these include:

  • Delivering a financially sound and well managed Council
  • Genuinely affordable housing
  • A fantastic place to live
  • Improving local transport
  • Improving infrastructure
  • New Jobs and Funding

To deliver on these objectives, the authority will be working on a number of areas which include:

  • Establish the Local Authority Trading Company to develop commercial land opportunities for the Council.
  • Support Community Land Trusts
  • Target a recycling rate of 60 per cent
  • Enshrine the commitment to free car parking into the Council’s Constitution
  • Secure Boundary Commission support for a reduction in the number of members at the Council
  • Agree a new Corporate Plan for 2015-19
  • Agree the final funding package for the new District Leisure Centre
  • Create an Investment Programme funded from the Business Rates Retention Scheme

Councillor James PalmerCouncillor James Palmer, Leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “We believe East Cambridgeshire is a fantastic place to live and work – it is a place of real potential and opportunity. As a local authority, it is incumbent on us to make sure the conditions to allow for growth and success are able to flourish. This is why I am determined to use the next 100 days to deliver on the priorities which will help residents and businesses to prosper.
“To do this we have identified six areas which will be the focus of our work: a well managed authority, delivering affordable housing, creating a fantastic place to live, improving transport, developing infrastructure and bringing new jobs. We know this is not an easy task but through our actions we hope to establish the building blocks to take our priorities forward. Trust me this is not about words for words sake – I want to use the next 100 days to show what we can achieve for the district.
“So whether it is agreeing the funding for the district wide leisure centre, using the business rate retention scheme to support an apprenticeship scheme or getting our partners to confirm a timetable for progress on the Soham Railway Station – I want to make meaningful progress in these areas and many more. When we were elected back into power earlier this month I was very conscious of the trust which was placed in us by the electorate. I am determined to make good on our promises to turn the potential of East Cambridgeshire into a reality.”
Press Release from East Cambridgeshire District Council
Just for information: 100 days is 5th September 2015

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