Together in Isolation – Creative Postcard Project with Babylon ARTS

Babylon ARTS is inviting everyone to get creative during this lockdown period, by adding their designs and written responses to an exhibition of postcards, which will go online now and will in the future become part of a physical exhibition at the Babylon Gallery. 

Florence Rose, Head of Project Delivery explains: “We are looking for postcard-sized entries from everyone; we hope to get entries from those new to art, as well as established artists. 

“The postcard could be inspired by your time in isolation, how you feel, the thoughts, memories or ideas that you would like to capture, or what you’re looking forward to on the other side. 

“We welcome drawing, printing, painting, photography, textiles, digital art, collage and mixed media, as long as it’s 2 dimensional. We are looking for a range of styles and techniques, as well as work from all ages and experience levels.” 

For those who see themselves as more of a writer than a visual artist, the Babylon ARTS team are also welcoming written submissions on the postcards, asking “What might you want to say to yourself in a years’ time, about your life now?” 

The written responses will also become part the exhibition and will be posted back to the writer in a years’ time. 

Claire Somerville, chief executive added; “The future exhibition will form part of Babylon ARTS fundraising activity, and will celebrate the creative ideas and talents of people across the community. The Covid-19 crisis is affecting everyone in different ways and we hope this opportunity might provide a moment of respite, creativity and reflection during this difficult period.”

Further details are available on 

Press release from Babylon ARTS

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