Two Head Girls at Witchford Village College

Following an application process and gruelling interviews with staff in the college, the appointments of senior prefects for 2018-19 at Witchford Village College have been made. In a slight departure from tradition, the school has appointed two girls to be ‘Head’ students, with a further two boys and two girls becoming their Deputies. 

The invitation to apply and step up to the role of leading the student body at the 860 pupil school was extended to the whole cohort of 150 Year 10 students. A job description and person specification was issued and those who were interviewed were assessed against the criteria in the same way that someone might be evaluated for a new job. The standard of application and interview was very high and presented the panel of three senior staff, including Interim Principal, Robert Campbell, with a serious challenge. Ultimately it was unanimous in following its scoring system which resulted in Scarlett Ambrose and Abigail Wells securing the posts of Head Girl.

Robert Campbell, Interim Principal and CEO of the Morris Education Trust, says ‘This was an excellent experience and challenge for us. We were overwhelmed by the standard of applicant, all of whom did exceptionally well in the interviews. However, we used a scoring system which resulted in Scarlett and Abigail getting appointed. They will do a great job over the coming the year and will be very capably supported by their Deputy Head Boys and Girls, as well as the prefects that we will be recruiting in the month ahead. These are exciting times for WVC, with the arrival of Dan Baxby, new Principal, on 25 June and the progression to Vertical Tutoring for September, which will see mixed age tutoring for all.’


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