Uninsured car seized by police – and may be scrapped in two weeks

An uninsured car being driven around Ely on Saturday night has been seized by police.
Special Constable Mark Gillibrand, responsible for having the 2004 Ford Mondeo car confiscated, described driving uninsured as “a very selfish offence” because lawful drivers have to shoulder the burden in their insurance premiums – “and worse if they become a victim of an uninsured driver’s recklessness.”
The driver of the vehicle has been reported for summons for the offence of driving without insurance and faces a Magistrates Court appearance.
The consequence of the hearing can include a fine and a suspension from driving.
In addition to the above, the driver – if they wish to reclaim the vehicle – must pay the recovery fee, and must furnish a valid certificate of insurance before the car will be released.
If the recovery fee and certificate of insurance are not provided inside two weeks the vehicle will be forfeit to the recovery agent, and in many cases, scrapped.
SC Gillibrand said: “When you add up all the risks and costs – driving without insurance doesn’t make sense.”

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