Go Wild in Ely

Blue tit feeding her young in our nestbox.
Blue tit feeding her young in our nestbox.

Hi, everyone and welcome to Go Wild In Ely, a site dedicated to our fascinating fenland wildlife.
It’s late Spring and the time of year when the birds are busily feeding their young. Look out for our common Summer visitors, the swift, the swallow and the house martin. All three nest under the eaves of houses and can be easily confused.
The swift has scythe shaped wings and screeches as it flies low over houses in the late evening, the swallow has a deeply forked tail and “chatters” as it flies and the house martin is most easily recognised by its striking white rump.
Although not a brilliant picture,  you can get an idea of just how hard a blue tit has to work to raise a family! Nest boxes are readily available in garden centres and I would recommend them to everyone.
The joy of seeing the birds fledge and leave the nest is one to behold.

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