Welney Wash Road: road closure 2021

Final call to have your say 
The online survey was first published in March 2020 via the Citizen Space information page on the Ouse Washes Section 10 works  the survey will close on 30th September 2020.

As part of the bank raising work we are doing to comply with the Reservoirs Act 1975 we need to provide a robust barrier on the Welney Wash road where it intersects the Middle Level Barrier Bank.

The Welney Wash Road crosses the Ouse Washes Flood Storage Reservoir and creates a low point in the Middle Level Barrier Bank. This low point increases the flood risk to the local community and the chance of a breach in the bank if water levels were to overtop it. Historically, when the Washes is flooded and the water level at Welney reaches a predetermined level, we created a temporary flood barrier across it using large sandbags. The last time we created such a barrier was in the winter of 2012/13. Installing large sandbags is costly in terms of labour and waste). We have sourced an alternative solution which will be simpler to install that we can store to use again.

We have been asking stakeholders and communities of the Ouse Washes their views on when to close the road in 2021 to build a concrete foundation slab across the Welney Wash Road. These works will allow us to install the demountable flood barrier in, if needed, to help protect the communities from any water spilling from the Ouse Washes. 

Closing the Welney Wash Road will have an impact on the local community. We want to reduce that impact as much as possible by working with you to identify the most appropriate time of year to close the road for the construction works. There are times of the year when we are unable to carry out this work, due to overwintering and breeding birds on the Washes (November to March). 

Follow the link Ouse Washes Section 10 works to have your say!

Press release from The Ouse Washes

Photographs: Spotted in Ely

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