What a lovely day for flying

On Saturday air cadets from 1094 (City of Ely) Squadron joined fellow Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing Cadets from Spalding and Flitwick Squadrons at RAF Cranwell the home of the Royal Air Force.

The cadets spent the day with instructor pilots flying the RAF’s basic training aircraft with even the youngest cadets taking control of the Aircraft and many enjoying thrilling aerobatics.

Before they take to the air for the first time air cadets have the opportunity to receive instruction on the ground on Part Task Trainer simulators at 614 Aviation Ground School at RAF Swanton Morley before they take to the skies.

Having previously attended and passed the ground school, today Ely’s Cadet Danielle Doblados and Cadet Ana Warr qualified for their Blue Flying Wings with Leading Cadet Jake Bausor qualifying for his Bronze Flying Wings.

RAF Air Cadets receive free flying lessons in Royal Air Force Aircraft from the age of 13 years and three months. The minimum age to join the Air Cadets is 12 years old and in school year 8 and the maximum age to join as a new recruit is 17.

Being an Air Cadet in your spare time will provide you with exciting experiences, skills and qualifications that you will find useful in life and in attaining the career of your choice.

Through their progressive training syllabus, cadets can achieve diplomas from the Institute of Leadership and Management and BTEC qualifications in technical aviation studies.

No matter where in the UK you live, if you would like to find out more about the Air Cadets then simply click on this link below and enter your postcode to find your nearest Air Cadet Squadron:


Press release from 1094 Ely Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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