What is Spotted in Ely?

Despite numerous attempts to make it clear as to what Spotted in Ely is, the time has come to document and show terms of what is and isn’t allowed. This document is under advisement now.
We started the page on 12th August 2013 as a laugh really. Other towns and cities seemed to building Spotted in pages and we thought we would do the same as a PR exercise and see what is and what isn’t possible through the powerful Facebook network.
SINlogoWe grew very quickly and didn’t take time to establish any real rules but from day 1 we wanted people to be nice to each other. Very publicly we announced on many occasions that we didn’t get it right and still learning from this quick growing experience.
We have still to this day have not made rules. We are not Hitler’s and allow people to speak openly and sometimes anonymously where not against one person or group of persons or even organisations (where not slanderous).
So here comes the hardest part of our job. We often get asked to post controversial items against organisations. Actually we see this as a good thing, after all shouldn’t companies be accountable for their actions, whether at head office level or ground roots level. Ground roots level is actually the front line to these organisations.
We have kind of broken away from the Spotted in mould and now looking to our site becoming a place for everything Ely, we don’t want complaints as they are never good but if there was never a complaint where would the world be when it comes to delivery of world class customer service and this should apply to all businesses, including us.
If you complain to us, we don’t mind if you make it VERY PUBLIC. In fact we would love it. Just think, we are accountable to YOU. We freely publishing items that some may like and others don’t and we will get to improve our very own service.
This is site is the home of Spotted in Ely and over time will grow with certain articles from the Facebook page and may I also remind everyone that ‘SIE’, as we call it, is run by volunteers, funded by myself at present and if in the future does make any money, that money will be given to local organisations that:
1) Choose to interact with us and
2) Need financial help in tough times.
A non-for-profit constitution is currently being drawn up as we speak
Thank you for reading.

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