When will the chaos end on Forehill

14681808_10210916837180107_8179625004139003550_nOnce again parking has become an issue on Forehill and it seems that some people just don’t care!

It has got so bad this morning that a Dews Coach got stuck at the top which blocked the road until a solution was found.
The problem arises when Blue Badge Holders are unaware of the rules of parking with these privileges that have been granted by Cambridgeshire County County when issuing the badge.
Blue badges are given to people who are disabled and to help with mobility when getting out and about. The badge allows them to park responsibly and in a safe place but Forehill is a busy through and tight road and must now be considered unsafe to park, especially on a market day with many vehicles and people using the area.
There are some rules that Blue Badge Holders don’t seem to be aware of!

  1. You cannot park within 10 metres of a junction.
  2. You cannot park on a raised road surface and
  3. You must park in a disabled bay if one is available.

A local businessman has said this morning, “bays in both Ship Lane and Broad Street are available and not being used”.
Work at the District Council is being done to address this issue but ultimately it is Cambridgeshire County Council who are responsible for parking behaviour of badge holders.

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