Witchford Village College Inter House Games Day

Witchford Village College Inter House Games Day

The whole College took part in an Inter House Games Day on Friday. Students competed in their Houses (Lords, Twickenham, Wembley and Wimbledon) for the House Cup. This was no ordinary sports day, the emphasis was definitely on everyone taking part and choosing activities to suit the individual. Each pupil participated in a curriculum-based activity and a sport.

There was a huge choice on offer. In the English Department curriculum-based activities included, Geocache (a hi-tech treasure hunt), creating advertising material for a new sports product, designing a sports board game with rules and instructions and creating a sales pitch for a film based around a sporting character. The Science Department carried out experiments on three different sports drinks to establish sugar content and the ability to re-hydrate. The Maths Department staged tournaments of Chess, Scrabble, Draughts, Soduko and Yahtzee. Art and Design saw the teams building ‘Wacky Races’ cars and then racing them for a unique trophy, cars were very inventive and colourful and the Pink Fluffy Unicorn Car won the morning race. Catering students cooked a healthy lunch for staff with the second group creating an afternoon tea. Drama students worked in their Houses to produce an opening ceremony for a physical theatre spectacular and the History department taught students about the History of Dance and the Olympics in a fun and active way. Product Design students were asked to produce ‘shock-proof’ packaging for a single egg. These were then tested, one of the highlights of the day was seeing these dropped from the roof of our tower block and there were a few (egg) casualties.
Alongside the curriculum based activities were the sports. There were Cricket, Rounders, Tennis, Table Tennis and Tag Rugby tournaments. Some students were introduced to Archery whilst others took part in a Speed Stacking relay. There were fast and furious games of Ultimate Frisbee and teams were lead through Aerobics and Dance sessions. There was a Team Challenge and one activity involved moving a bucket of water held by ropes without spilling.

The day was rounded-off with a closing ceremony. The Dance students performed their learnt routine and then Mrs Barker led her Aerobics group and got the whole College (including staff) following her routine. Twickenham were announced as winners and Ms Grainger collected the House Cup on the team’s behalf. Mrs Wilson, from our canteen, had made fantastic shortbread medals strung from strawberry boot laces for the winning team.
It was a fantastic day and great to see all students involved in new and different activities and rising to and completing some excellent challenges. Special mention must go to Mrs Emmess, Head of PE who organised the whole day with the support of all staff.

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