Witchford Village College: Making the most of the Great Outdoors

As we start the cautiously optimistic journey back to normal day to day life, the entire school community at Witchford Village College is thrilled to be getting back into the classroom. 

The start of a new school year always brings with it an atmosphere of energetic enthusiasm among both the staff and students and this year is no different. As our community continues to grow and evolve, with exciting developments like the proposed new merger for the academy trust, welcoming new colleagues to our teaching staff, and a shared commitment to prioritise extra-curricular and enrichment activities, we are entering the new year galvanised to flourish. 

As our community comes back together in full for the first time in months, our priority is to ensure that our staff and students are able to return to school safe and well. 

In the run up to the start of the new academic year, we have been busily preparing for managing the transition back to school and sharing our strategies and procedures with our parent community along the way. By encouraging open communication between the school, parents and students as we navigate this extraordinary situation, our hope is that every student is ready to return to school feeling informed and reassured that there are effective measures in place to protect their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families. A cornerstone of our strategy to effectively manage the transition is prioritising the effective usage of our campus’ outside spaces. Although physical education will look very different for a while yet, we will be maximising our available outdoor space to give students both a safe space to socialise and the opportunity to benefit from the meaningful learning experiences nature can provide.   

By Rolf Purvis, Executive Headteacher and Bessie Owen, Assistant Principal 

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