Wood Green offers FREE neutering vouchers to local community on World Spay Day!

Wood Green, The Animals Charity is taking part in World Spay Day 2019 by offering local pet owners help to get their pets neutered.

Every year, World Spay Day takes place to promote neutering as a way of not only reducing the number of unwanted litters being born, but also to highlight the additional benefits of getting your pet neutered. Between Tuesday 26 February and up to and including Friday 8 March owners of dogs, cats and rabbits can apply to the charity for a neutering voucher to cover the cost of the procedure.*

Juliette Jones, one of Wood Green’s Behaviour and Training Specialists who focuses on cats, actively encourages pet owners to neuter their pets.

“We urge loving owners to get their cats spayed to protect them from getting pregnant. It can also protect them from developing potentially deadly diseases of the ovaries and uterus. Male cats that haven’t been neutered are also more likely to roam and fight, putting them at risk of injury, infected wounds and contracting diseases. Un-neutered male (tom) cats also mark their territory by urinating – or ‘spraying’ and the smell is difficult to eliminate.

A common misconception is that cats should be allowed to have one litter before spaying them but this isn’t true. Research has shown that most owners would be reluctant to let their cat have a second litter of kittens having gone through the process once. Our advice is to have female cats spayed by the age of four months – before they attract the attention of local tom cats.”

To find out more about the scheme and to apply, please call us on 0300 303 9333 option 7 followed by option 3.

*This offer is only available while vouchers last.

To find out more about Wood Green, The Animals Charity, please call a member of the team on 0300 303 9333 or visit www.woodgreen.org.uk

Press release from Wood Green The Animals Charity

To check if your postcode is included in the voucher offer click here

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