You Can Bin It Your Way

East Cambridgeshire District Council and East Cambs Street Scene are supporting an initiative aimed at cleaning and keeping the streets of the district clean.

Working alongside the Chewing Gum Action Group, East Cambridgeshire District Council will be delivering the ‘Bin It Your Way’ campaign with the East Cambs Street Scene team clearing chewing gum from the streets of the district.

The Chewing Gum Action Group was first launched in 2003 responding to the need to change behaviour and reduce littered gum. The ‘Bin It Your Way’ campaign has been delivered successfully in the UK since 2013.

The East Cambs Street Scene team will be using a street cleansing vehicle to aid their efforts of clearing gum off the streets. There will also be an active social media campaign on the East Cambridgeshire District Council’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as supporting content from their recycling hero, Michael Recycle.

The service delivery champion for waste services in East Cambridgeshire, Councillor Julia Huffer, said “I am thrilled that East Cambs is supporting such a vital campaign. Looking after the district and keeping the streets clean is very important and something everyone should think about.

“I would urge residents to get on board with the campaign to help keep our district’s streets clean and free from litter and chewing gum.”

To keep an eye on the campaign as it progresses, visit the East Cambridgeshire District Council’s Twitter page:

To find out more about the Chewing Gum Action Group’s ‘Bin It Your Way’ initiative, visit their website:

Press release from East Cambridgeshire District Council 

Photo credit: Prominent, Left to right: Martin Norman, Nick Wyatt, Councillor Julia Huffer and James Khan

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