"Our young people deserve a better deal" – new Ely College principal speaks out on fairer funding blow

The new principal of Ely College has spoken out about his dismay at discovering that Cambridgeshire’s schools, which receive some of the lowest investment per pupil in the country, will not be getting fairer funding in 2017.

Ely College principal Richard Spencer

Speaking to Spotted in Ely, Richard Spencer said: “In terms of fair funding, my view is simple: I don’t want to see budgets cut anywhere, but there needs to be a solution to the huge inequities in funding across the regions.
“This was a commitment that was made and that has now been, at best, delayed.
“Cambridgeshire has experienced years of under-funding in comparison to other areas of the country and our young people deserve a better deal.”
On the last day of the school year, Education Secretary Justine Greening announced that plans to bring in fairer funding in the 2017 to 2018 academic year had been delayed.
Cambridgeshire’s schools receive £600 less per pupil than the English average, with £4200 a year being spent per pupil – the lowest funding in the country.
This contrasts sharply with the best funded areas, where £6300 is spent per student annually.
After the announcement was made, Mr Spencer, who took up the post of Ely College principal in July, voiced his dismay on his Twitter account.
“I’m hugely disappointed to see the government renege on fair funding. Outrageous inequities need addressing urgently,” he tweeted.
He also tweeted: “Don’t welcome any cuts, but I assure you the pain is not proportionate. Big inequity.”

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