Autumn Arts & Craft Fair

At the heart of any amazing community are the residents whom live and breath life, the soul. As well as a strong, central building. The backbone if you like.  Littleport is fortunate to have all of this, in abundance. Standing proudly, elevated and centrally located. Is our church, St George’s Parish Church.

A 15th century church (early records indicate an initial building,14th century) dedicated to St George, the patron saint of England.  A church, which is lovingly and enthusiastically headed by Revd. Howard Robson. Ably assisted by his many volunteers and committee members.

Lisa, the chair of the church events committee.  A crafter herself, had a great idea of a yearly, quality craft fair to bring people from outside of the area into Littleport. As well as raising funds, to help secure the comfortable future of this historical building. 100% of the stall fees go to the church.

Saturday 22nd September, locals and people from far and wide came together for the third year of this growing event. With an amazing selection of stalls, food and an outdoor gin bar.  All beautifully presented and organised superbly. This organisation and the friendly, relaxed Littleport community feel is what several of the stall holders commented so fondly on.  Saying, that this is why they come back year after year and plan on doing so, hopefully for many years to come.

The stalls included artists, jewellery making, crochet & wool work, sewing crafts, metalwork, wooden toys and home goods, lace making,candle making, felt work and so many more.

Lace maker: Sue Medlow first learnt this intricate craft in 1991 when she enrolled on an evening class at Cottenham village college. Using multiple threads, a wooden with beaded bobbin and with central pins placed on the backing.

Sue has given it a modern twist with decorated cards and decorative hangings. Exquisite and with patience, Sue ably demonstrated her craft throughout the day.

Having held a positive and steadfast presence for so many years.  The doors welcome all. Not only through their church services.  But through church clubs and drop-ins: Messy church (children & toddlers), Tea & Tots, Shine (promoting talk between children and the elders of the community), Play & Pray.  As well as providing a vital lifeline and base for the food bank.

Well done all!


Best wishes



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