Autumn Medal Flurry for Ely Swimmers

It has been a busy and successful start to the Autumn for the City of Ely Amateur Swimming Club’s swimmers as they attended events in Newmarket, Cambridge, Whittlesey and Luton.  

A large team of Ely swimmers (pictured) entered the Richard O’Leary Autumn Memorial Challenge held by March Marlins to commemorate their popular coach who died recently.  

Ely won 4 top age group swimmer awards (pictured with Max Paines Cambridgeshire ASA President) at the event being Oliver Davey top 9/10 year old boy, Lexi Harrison top 11/12 year old girl, Tia Hill top 13/14 year old girl and Daniel Kendall top 13/14 year old boy.  

Ely brought home many medals from Megan Clarke (gold 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle), Daniel Kendall (gold 200m freestyle and 200m individual medley, silver 100m freestyle and bronze 50m and 100m butterfly), Tia Hill (gold 50m breaststroke, silver 200m individual medley, 100m backstroke and 50m and 100m butterfly and bronze in 100m breaststroke), Lexi Harrison (gold 50m butterfly, 50m backstroke, 50m  freestyle, and 50m  and 100m breaststroke), Orla Harrison (gold 50m freestyle, and 50m and 100m butterfly, and bronze in 200m individual medley, 50m breaststroke and 50m backstroke), Hayley Turner (gold 50m backstroke), Lili-Rose Merrifield (gold 100m freestyle), Emil Kwiecien (gold 50m and 100m backstroke and bronze 200m freestyle), Jake Challenger (gold 200m freestyle and bronze 100m breaststroke), Oliver Davey (silver 100m butterfly and bronze 50m backstroke, 50m freestyle and 100m breaststroke), Bryony-Rose Brodie (silver 50m breaststroke and 50m butterfly),  Olivia Brodie (bronze 50m breaststroke), Amelie Hawksley (bronze 200m freestyle and 100m butterfly), Connie Stevenson (silver 200m individual medley and 200m freestyle and bronze 50m butterfly), Eryk Szymanski (bronze 50m backstroke), Adam Jones (bronze 50m butterfly) and Mark Banwell (bronze 50m butterfly).

Personal best times were also in abundance for the whole team also including Joshua Black, Finley Jones, Adam Jones, Alexander New, Charlie Jarvis, Cillian O’Brien, Madeleine Pillow, Isabella Pillow, Kaci Gibson, Annabella Cardus, Grace Stevenson, Faith Turner, Thomas Alderton, Sophia Campbell, Adrian Kwiecien and Irina Efremova.

Swimmers attended City of Cambridge’s Level 2 Grand Prix on 28th and 29th September at Parkside Pools. It was an impressive weekend of swimming by Ely’s swimmers.

Daniel Kendall won top 13 year old boy gaining 9 personal best times, 3 gold medals in 400 Individual Medley, 400 Freestyle and 100 Freestyle, 2 silvers in 200 Individual Medley and 100m Butterfly and bronze in 100m Breaststroke.  

Lexi Harrison won 2 golds (50m Freestyle, 50 Butterfly and 50m Backstroke) and 2 silvers (50m and 100m Breaststroke)

Georgia Holgate won gold in 100m Butterfly and silver in 100m Backstroke while Maximilian Veiga took home golds in 100m Freestyle and 50m Backstroke.  

There were personal best times for Amelie Hawksley, Orla Harrison, Robert Banwell and Tia Hill while Hannah Turner, Jake Challenger and Lili-Rose Merrifield had also achieved times quick enough to represent the club at this Level 2 meet.

At Team Luton’s September Short Course Meet on 28th and 29th September, Oliver Davey won gold medals in 50m Breaststroke and 100m Butterfly, silver in 50m Freestyle, and bronze in 50 Backstroke, 100m Backstroke, 100m Freestyle and 50 Butterfly.  Adam Jones gained a bronze medal in 50m Freestyle, Connie Stevenson a gold in 800m Freestyle, and Jake Dunham won gold in 100m Butterfly, silver in 200m Individual Medley and also 50m Breaststroke.  Team mates Amber Lloyd, Ella Dunham, Grace Stevenson and Isabella Pillow also had a successful weekend swimming personal best times.   

Finally, a small Ely team attend the Swim England East Regional Masters at Newmarket.  Hayley Turner won 2 silver medals from 2 events 50m Backstroke and 50m Freestyle, Mark Banwell similarly won 2 golds from his 2 events of 50m Butterfly and 200m Butterfly and Jake Challenger won 3 silver and 1 bronze medals (50m Backstroke, 400m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle and 100m Backstroke).

Well done everyone.

Press release from City of Ely Swimming Club

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