Calling all businesses or organisations Ely SOUP needs your help! 

ely-soup-poster-july-2016_v3Ely SOUP is a new sociable community crowdfunding project , £5 buys you soup and a vote for a local Ely project. We launched and hosted are first SOUP in March 2016 at the Babylon Gallery and raised awareness of four community groups, whilst Ely Milks were voted the winners and took home the door takings of £185. Our next soup is in Saturday 9 July, 12.15pm at Syhlets Restaurant.
Ely SOUP is  a non-profit making enterprise, and we are looking for some extra local help in two ways.

  1. Printing – Is there a local business or organisation out there who could let us use their photocopier, four times a year, to print some flyers and posters?
  2. We are looking for someone to sponsor the commissioning of the first ever Ely Soup Bowls! This won’t be a large cost, but as all the money we make on the door of the Soups goes to the person(s) who win, we literally have no spare cash.
  3. We need venues to help host Ely SOUP which we aim to run at least four times a year. We are open to all suggestions as long as the venues have a capacity for 40 + people. We are happy for the venue itself to run a bar, sell soft drinks or run a raffle to help raise money for its own particular cause.

So if you can help out, we would love to hear from you, please contact us at . We will of course thank anyone who helps us at our events and throughout our website
Do you want to pitch?
Are you local to the Ely area with a project or idea up your sleeve that needs a little help to get off the ground?
There are virtually no limits to what your project can be! It can be for individual, group, or community benefit and anything from an artistic venture to a new business idea – as long as helps support the community of Ely.
It is also open all ages – including children! Your ideas should be well thought-out and if successful you need to be comfortable speaking about your idea on the day for four minutes, followed by answering a few questions from the audience. If this sounds like something for you, why not submit your idea here

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