Electric Future at Megahertz Open Day

On Thursday 25th July we attended the Megahertz Electric Vehicle Open day on Lancaster Way Business Park with members of Eco Ely.

The morning consisted of listening to various speakers from Megahertz, Mercedes Benz and EV-Box who all shared information about the future of electric vehicles and how the technology is developing and changing quickly to suit the needs of the electric car market. 

After lunch, the afternoon was spent having a short tour of the factory floor to see how Megahertz kit out vehicles for outside broadcasting and to see one of their electric vehicles on site complete with electric charging point. 

There was also the opportunity to drive a single seater Renault Twizy, owned by Cambridge University and a ride around in a Mercedes Benz eVito Tourer. Mercedes will be providing fleet vehicles for DPD and the Post Office in the very near future so you may see some in your neighbourhood soon!

Hayley Ellis from Eco Ely, was interested in attending to learn more about this eco-friendly way of transportation and said, “There are currently 14 electric vehicle charge points within close proximity to Ely. This needs to increase rapidly for us to meet the government recommendations. It was interesting to hear that 50% of the vehicles on the road are fleet vehicles so I hope the change starts with companies. It was exciting to hear that National Grid is developing an ultra-rapid charging network along the existing motorway system. Hearing Mercedes Benz talk about encouraging people to rent electric vehicles will help to make them more accessible financially to the general public.”

Steve Ellis from SE Electrical Services, a local Electrician, also attended and said , “It is an exciting time for the future of electrics. The forecast is for 2,000,000 electric vehicles and 186,000 charging points in the UK by 2020. Anywhere that has more than 20 parking spaces will need charging points, as well as new builds. There are government grants for Workplace Charging Schemes (WCS) and Electric Vehicle Homecharge Schemes (EVHS) and I am looking forward to attending my Accredited installation course in October to be able to install these locally.”

Spotted in Ely would like to thank Megahertz for their hospitality during the Open Day, especially the surprise ice cream as it was one of the hottest days of the year!

Photo Credit Megahertz and Spotted in Ely

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