Ely Runners’ Annual Cross Country Championship Report

On January 21st 2018, Ely Runners held their annual Club Cross-Country Championships in Cherry Hill Park and the Dean’s Meadow. The course took on four challenging loops totaling 4.7 miles, all through mud and some light snow. Junior Club members ran a 1.7 mile race.
The morning started with the junior club members, who ran brilliantly. The 1st male junior was Jacob Bell and the 1st female was Holly Mac-Fall.
46 senior club members took part in the 4.7 mile race, along with 4 guest runners. 1st male was Alan Darby, 1st female was Samantha Collins-Shirley, 1st age-graded male was Graham Chapman, 1st age-graded female was Janet Smith.
The club is most grateful to East Cambridgeshire District Council for allowing us to use Cherry Hill Park, and to Ely Cathedral for allowing us to use the Dean’s Meadow: without this support, the race could not be held in such a stunning location in the City.
Ely Runners’ Cross-Country race, although challenging, is run by people of differing levels and motivations, which is a reflection of the club itself in that its members welcome those who want to run fast and have fun; those who want to run at a more steady pace and have fun; and of course new and less experienced members. It is a welcoming club no matter your level or experience of running.
The club runs several increasingly popular ten-week beginners’ courses per year, all supported by qualified coaches. If you would like to know more, do contact Charlotte via email: erchiefmarshal@gmail.com Remember, all levels welcome!
Reporter: Justin Smith
Photographs: Claire Geary

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