Passers-by rescue mum and son from car in ditch following "horrific" accident

Passers-by rescue mum and son from car in ditch following "horrific" accident

An Ely mum wants to trace two good Samaritans who rescued her and her son from a “horrific” car smash near Littleport on Tuesday.
Cheryl Stanford feared for her and her son’s lives after their car spun into a ditch on Ely Road after sliding out of control in torrential rain.
Unable to open the windows or doors and get 12-year-old Jake to safety, Cheryl could only watch in terror as the car began to fill with water.
Luckily two passersby came to their rescue. A man managed to pull Jake out of the car while Cheryl managed to climb through a gap.
Another witness, a woman driving a non-emergency ambulance for older passengers, then looked after Cheryl and Jake at the back of the vehicle.
The two strangers called emergency services and cared for the two accident victims on the scene.
Cheryl says: “I never got a chance to thank them because we had to go to the hospital. The lady and man helped me out and stayed with me all the time.
“I don’t even know their names. They must’ve been with us two hours until my mum arrived to take us to hospital.
“Not everyone stops nowadays.”

Sophie, Jake and mother Cheryl.

The accident happened at around midday on Tuesday, after visiting Cheryl’s daughter Sophie in Littleport.
As they hit the first bend on Ely Road near Gilgal, the Vauxhall Meriva car they were travelling in slid out of control across the road.
“It was chucking it down with rain. I slid out across to the other side of the road and spun about six or seven times straight into a ditch full of water.
“It was horrific. If there had been a concrete kerb there we could’ve gone upside down and wouldn’t still be here.”
The ambulance driver had been travelling in the opposite direction and managed to brake in time to avoid a potential collision, Cheryl said.
“She watched the whole thing happen.”
Cheryl suffered bruising to her shoulders, head and chest, while Jake injured his leg in the crash.
The car has been written off.
“We are just battered but we got off lightly really.”
She said she had heard of two other accidents along Ely Road that day.
The kindness Cheryl received from strangers following the crash has restored her faith in human nature.

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