Get fit and be social with Ulitmate Frisbee

Feel like getting some exercise now that the weather is warming up? Then perhaps you should give Ultimate Frisbee a try. Ultimate is a fast-moving team sport enjoyed by millions of players the world over.
Although frequently compared to sports like soccer or American Football, Ultimate has some unique features that set it apart. There are no referees. And it’s played with a flying disc.
Cambridge Ultimate (CULT) organises games in Cambridge, and has a sizeable following. However, Bill Byrne, who moved to Ely from Hong Kong last summer, would like Ely to have its very own club. He says, “I could head into Cambridge to play, but it’s a bit of a trek and having moved here recently I think it would be a great way to meet local people and contribute to the local community. Also, CULT has its open sessions (for everybody) on a Sunday, which is when I like to spend time with my family. I think it’d be good to have something on mid-week for those who are busy at the weekend.”
Bill has teamed up with Jon Evans to try and get the ball (or should I say Frisbee?) off the ground. Jon works with the Ely Outdoor Sports Association, home of the Ely Tigers rugby club, and this venue will host the first Ultimate Frisbee Ely session on Wednesday April 25th.

How do you play?
Ultimate is a game for two teams of seven, played on a field similar in size to a football pitch. The last 18 metres at either end of the field are the “endzones”. A goal is scored when you throw the disc to a member of your team standing (or more likely running) in the endzone your team is attacking. Players cannot run with the disc. When a player catches the disc, they must come to a stop. A team can therefore only move the disc upfield by throwing it from player to player. The defending team takes possession if the disc touches the ground, or if they make an interception by catching the disc or knocking it to the ground in mid–flight. The game is noncontact — which makes it suitable for men and women to play together. When contact between players does occur, it may be deemed a foul. The winner is the first team to reach a previously decided number of goals, typically fifteen or seventeen.
Spirit of the Game
One of the unique features of Ultimate is that there are no referees. The players make their own foul calls and settle disputes according to procedures laid out in the Rules of Ultimate. Upholding the principles of fair play and “Spirit of the Game” during competitions becomes a challenging responsibility for players and is one of the defining aspects of the sport. Spirit of the Game places the responsibility for fair play on every player. Highly competitive play is encouraged but should never sacrifice the mutual respect between players, adherence to the rules of the game, or the basic joy of play.
In Brief
Who: Men & Women. Aged 18+. Beginners welcome
Where: Ely Outdoor Sports Association, Downham Rd, CB6 2SH Ely
When: Wednesday  April 25th, 18.20-19.30
Cost: £1.00
Bring: A white (or light) top and/or a black (or dark) top – and football boots (if you have them)
Facebook: Ultimate Frisbee Ely   

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