1094 (City of Ely) Air Cadets install “There but not there” Tommy Silhouettes in St Andrews Church Soham

This morning as part of the 100th anniversary of the Great War armistice, 1094 (City of Ely) Air Cadets installed five of their “There but not there” Tommy Silhouettes in St Andrews Church Soham.

Soham’s community groups including all four the town’s schools and the town’s church got together with the Soham branch of the Royal British Legion to commentate the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The local school children researched all 137 Soham men who lost their lives in the Great War and the children produced biographies with photographs to display in the church.

A group of 20 local ladies called “Knitters Knatters” knitted seven thousand woollen poppies to adorn the church.

On Remembrance Sunday 137 local school children will take part in the towns Remembrance parade carrying the poster size photographs and biographies of those brave 137 who sacrificed themselves for their country a century ago.

In conjunction with the Squadron Padre the Reverend Alan Jesson, the Squadron will be installing a lone Tommy Silhouette in Sutton Church as part of a commemorative display and the Squadron’s four remaining Tommys will be seen in Ely Cathedral.



From 1094 City of Ely Squadron Air Cadets 

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