A Surprise Surprise to Justin Heron, our Community Star

A Surprise Surprise to Justin Heron, our Community Star

This morning alongside Naomi from The Atrium Fitness we made a “Surprise Surprise” to Cineworld to present our newest Community Star to Justin Heron from a charity called Spectrum.

The multi-award winning organisation is a parent led charity providing events and support for families of children with Autism, additional needs, learning difficulties and disabilities.

Leading that charity is Justin from Soham is a very humble guy who clearly was shy of the limelight when the award was given by Amanda Shepherd, a volunteer and close friend to the Heron family. You could see that everyone in the cinema agreed that Justin was a deserving recipient.

Amanda who nominated said “Justin has been an absolute Star working many many (60+) hours a week, all unpaid, organising and negotiating such amazing opportunities for the charity. He doesn’t like to be singled out as he sees it as a team effort but if it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be the opportunities that there are”.

As well as the award, Justin has a signed cheque for £100 to donate to any charity he wants plus free membership to the local gym on Newnham Street both courtesy of Atrium Fitness.

We left the many children and adults in attendance to watch Mary Poppins at the special screening, something that Justin arranges each month.

Inside everyone is a Community Star that can appear at anytime to any of us. Maybe you know one such Star? If so then nominate them and maybe we can surprise them too. www.spottedinely.com/stars

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