"Abusive" teens banned from McDonald's by police

"Abusive" teens banned from McDonald's by police

A group of teens have been banned from Ely McDonald’s by police, following numerous complaints.

Police are reassuring residents they’re taking a firm approach in dealing with troublemakers at the Ely Leisure Village, and that any lawbreakers will be prosecuted.

Over the past week they’ve identified a number of suspects regarding a spate of misconduct at the complex, particularly at McDonald’s.
Parents will receive letters over the coming days, informing them of the ban.
McDonald’s Manager Spencer Rollings told Spotted in Ely: “I would just like people to respect other customers and staff.”
Since late January the restaurant has been forced to shut its seating area early on weekends as a result of abusive and disruptive behaviour, as reported by Spotted in Ely.
Staff have had to deal with a group of antisocial teenagers regularly hanging out on the premises from around 5pm, a time popular with families with young children.
Customers and staff have had to deal with rude and disruptive behaviour. There has also been a spike in littering, tagging and vandalism in the area, and electronic ordering equipment at McDonald’s has been damaged.
Police have received complaints of staff dealing with “foul and abusive language and the throwing of food”.
Last Thursday (February 1) two members of the local policing team visited a school to speak to a number of teens regarding antisocial behaviour, including knocking on doors and running away and being “loud and abusive” in McDonald’s.
Three days later police attended the restaurant after receiving further reports of youths “causing problems at McDonald’s”.
As a result, a “number of specific individuals” were identified, resulting in bans.
Police say the decision to close McDonald’s early had been a responsible one to prevent disorder escalating.
Sergeant Ash Godfrey said police will support the management team at McDonald’s in enforcing bans.
They are also checking whether any of the antisocial behaviour comes under the Public Order Act 1986.
“Where criminal offences have been disclosed, there will be robust consequences.”
Police are working together with East Cambridgeshire District Council and local businesses to ensure that the leisure complex remains a “safe and family friendly” location in Ely.

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