American Park to reopen but warnings to those who abuse it

American Park to reopen but warnings to those who abuse it

Spotted in Ely has secured assurances from Lakenheath Media Operations Officer Master Sgt Burke that the American Park will reopen once made safe.

A date for reopening has not yet been decided but work is about to begin. However warning to those who abuse the use of the playground could result in the park being closed again.
20160914_181926A statement from MSgt Burke states: “The housing office would like to confirm that the playground on Heaton Drive will not be permanently closed at this time. The playground, which is in place for our Military Family Housing residents, is a very important part of the neighborhood for our military families. As mentioned previously we are undertaking works but they have taken some time to complete as the damage caused to the park by those that have been using it, was very extensive and we have had to instruct multiple contractors to carry out the tasks required to make it safe. It’s unfortunate that even though it was closed, more damage seems to be done and therefore delays take place.
“Some work has already been undertaken and the remaining work is currently scheduled to be carried out in the next couple of weeks. At this time we are unable to confirm the opening date for the playground and it is certainly a priority for the housing office, however, the safety of our military residents family members is paramount and must come first. As soon as it is safe to do so, the playground will reopen.  However, we must caveat that once opened, if damage happens again and it becomes unsafe, it will be closed again and we will have to go through the same process as we just did. We say this as it tends to happen that once everything is fixed it seems to get damaged again very soon after opening.”

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